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Step ahead with Qreative’s AI-powered QR codes. Redefine engagement, amplify your digital identity, and effortlessly navigate users to your online platforms. Be the game-changer, harnessing the future of AI in your marketing endeavors.

Redefine your QR Codes. Engage with Elegance.

Transform your digital approach. Create AI-powered, visually unique QR codes to captivate audiences and drive engagement with Qreative AI.

Fun facts
Damage is deemed acceptable for QR codes to remain readable.

QR codes are designed to be robust, allowing up to 30% damage while still remaining readable. This makes them practical for various applications, including product packaging, marketing materials, and mobile payments.

Square meters in size, the largest QR code ever created was crafted in Japan.

Japan celebrated a monumental achievement in the realm of QR codes by creating an enormous code spanning 57,512 square meters. This remarkable feat stands as a testament to Japan’s ingenuity and technological prowess.

QR Codes were introduced by the Japanese company Denso Wave.

Its purpose was to keep track of automotive parts manufactured by Denso, to replace several bar codes on each box, each of which had to be scanned separately, with the requirement of high capacity that is able to encode Kanji, Kana and alphanumerics together.

Transform QR Integration. Upgrade Interactions.

Our comprehensive suite empowers you to design and implement AI-enhanced, visually striking QR codes. Elevate your brand's digital presence effortlessly and stimulate heightened user engagement with Qreative AI.

Generative QR

Make a QR code that stands out.

Engagement made simple! With our innovative platform, you can now create artistic, AI-driven QR codes that captivate audiences and enhance your digital campaigns.

Generative QR

Boost Engagement with artistic QR codes

Our innovative platform fuses AI with art to create QR codes that stand out visually and significantly boost audience engagement in your marketing campaigns.

Generative QR

Your venture, your signature.

Our platform empowers you to create AI-enhanced QR codes that resonate with your brand's unique style and vision. Craft memorable and engaging digital experiences, fostering a stronger connection with your audience.

How to create a Generative QR code.

Qreative AI has powerful features designed to revolutionise your QR code generation, enhancing audience engagement and boosting your marketing campaign's effectiveness.

1. Generate or upload QR Code

Open the Generative QR code generator, enter a URL and tap Create Generative QR Code. The image instantly changes to show your new QR code.

2. Generate AI QR Code

Customise the style of your generated QR code to match your branding. Consider making a few versions in different formats if you want to track scans or usage statistics.

3. Download

Select your desired file type and download the QR code image to your device. You can download it as a .jpg or .png, depending on your needs.

Hear what users have to say about Generative QR.

Say goodbye to boring and ugly QR codes and hello to a more eye-catchy, scannable, and stunning QR codes.

Three body
My inner child marvels at this. It’s just so impressive.
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This is the first time in a long time I've seen an example of making stuff with AI to be actually cool instead of just making me grumpy.
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This. THIS. This is art. This is beautiful. This means something. The fact that it works makes it genius. I feel like I’m looking at the start of a new generation in art, watching something new!
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I imagine how we could see ads or banners with QR codes embedded smoothly and seamlessly like that. That would be awesome.
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